I was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland and left to study law at the University of Aberdeen. 


I practised as a solicitor for many years, kicking off my career in Scotland and travelling to Hong Kong, where I was admitted to the Supreme Court.  After hitting the road again, working as a legal consultant in Japan and Indonesia, and then living in the Philippines, I finally ended up back in the UK with two children, a different perspective and different ambitions.  

Leaving the law behind, I embarked upon the study of English at Loughborough University and the study of clinical hypnotherapy at the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy.  

I now divide my time between the city of Edinburgh and the countryside of Midlothian.  I have a private therapy practice which I'm passionate about, I love to teach creative writing, I love to give talks, often about reading, writing and all things books, and I write and edit books, often into the wee sma' hours. 


Sometimes, I've been known to balance my laptop on my knee, hold a bar of chocolate in one hand, a gin and tonic in the other and plonk a wee cylindrical device someone randomly called Alexa by my side.  She appears to like me as she immediately does anything I ask, without even having to say please.   I don't get out much.  Maybe you can tell.

Mind you, I have been known to venture into natural light and occasionally I end up on the wireless or telly where I happily prattle away about affairs of the day, and sometimes just about a whole load of something and nothing.

The view out of my window.  A quiet wee street ...