Lurve in the supermarket

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

I had the loveliest time at Morrisons just now, y'know. Sensing my panic at the sight of raw food, the lovely fishmonger/life-coach-in-disguise gave me all sorts of 'you-can-do-it' encouragement accompanied by streams of recipe suggestions, dispensation of butters and spices and whatnot for my packages of fish and prawns and sea-going thingies, and the lady behind me in the queue at the checkout gave me a hug and peck on the cheek for putting my shopping 'onto her loyalty card'. I've no idea what difference that makes to her life in real terms but whatever it is, it made her all happy and smiley. Jeez. Who knew there was so much lurve in my local supermarket? (Note to self: Get. Out. More.)