Ma Maw an' Ma Maw's Maw

When I was writing 'The Wee Book o' Granny's Sayin's' I couldn't help but think of my Granny and my Mam, who's my boys' Granny.   I think the one saying that's passing down through the generations is 'whit's fur ye won't go past ye'.  It gave me great comfort when I was young and I hear myself say it now and again here and there.  It just kind of ... well ... slips out ... along with 'jings, crivvens an' help ma boab!' and 'jist haud yer wheesht, wuid ye?'.   It's great to know that some things never change. I heard that sentiment reflected back to me from every corner, really as I enlisted the help of folk on social media by asking for any recollections they had about their own Grannies. There was much hilarity and much outpouring of emotion, and it's my aim to reflect that in the book, which has turned out to be warm, loving and nostalgic, not to mention no-holds-barred in-yer-face!