The Street Artist

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

We had coffee and sarnies sitting outside at a cafe on the Royal Mile earlier today and for the first time in oh, forever I watched passers by through the eyes of one of those living statue street performance people - a girl who set up her 'act' right in front of where I was sitting. She was dressed as some sort of very elaborate, very dusty old underground wench from way back when, clarted in bronze paint and holding a bronze rose. She'd placed an upturned a hat down on the pavement in front of her. Clearly, to have your photo taken with her required, entirely as a matter of goodwill, an amount of money of your choosing to be thrown into the hat. Well, she stood and smiled and gently moved into different poses, as some people sidled up beside her for a sly selfie, others took her photo from the other side of the street then walked quickly away and others brazenly went right up to her, snapped their phones in her face, then ignored her. All the time she just stood there smiling and holding her poses. She did this for ages 'til three ladies about my age on an Auld Girls' Day Oot stopped in front of her, told her she looked beautiful, posed and smiled for photos, happily put their donations into the hat, wished her luck and walked off arm in arm. Can't help but think that the street performer sees a lot of the game. There's a whole book right there.