Witches and Witchcraft - a new book coming soon

I have long been fascinated by stories witches and witchcraft, and how they've been viewed and treated through the ages.

So, imagine my delight when I was asked to assist with and edit a book on tales of Scottish Witches, long forgotten, which is being written by Ewan Irvine. And imagine my double delight when I realised that it would give me an opportunity to leaf through all sorts of books which lurk in deep corners of libraries around Edinburgh. For a bookwormy nerd like me, there is no deeper joy.

It's a complex area of history disturbingly underscored by misogyny and bigotry. However, there's also an air of other-worldliness about it, given its nature. In these days of fascination with all things Harry Potter, it's good to remember that ancient tales of witchery - many of which marry up with official records - are altogether stranger and more fanciful, and that they affected people in very real ways.

The book is scheduled for publication later in 2019. Can't wait.